Know What Effect Your Personality

The main purpose of interview is to assess the personality and to form an opinion whether the candidate is suitable for the job for which he has applied for. Interview test is not intended to be a test either of the specialized or general knowledge of the candidate which had already been tested.
During the course of the interview the members of the committee will consider the following aspects in order to assess the personality of the candidate.

  • Your Physical
  • Your Mental
  • The Manner Of Speech You Adopt.
  • Your Etiquette and Manners.
  • Your Consistency Of Thoughts.
  • Your Attitude – Positive Or negative.
  • Your Integrity And Honesty.

Recommendation for the Prospective candidates:

The candidate is expected to take an intelligent interest not only in his subject but also in the events happening around him/her, in and outside the country. The candidate should have an idea about the modern current of thoughts and new inventions and discoveries that arouse the curiosity of a well-educated youth.Interview test is indeed the candidate’s personality test.
Your Personality is good but
       You can always make it better.