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Having got prepared on your resume, on yourself and on your interview attire that was make acquainted to you in this site in interview preparations ,so to be exactness, your level of awareness  are by now enough to be turned to a prospective candidates who are now ready for the next step to work on exceuational level where you guys need to perform with intelligent caliber and finally put effort to shape your communication skill and develop mature answers to impress your interviewers who will ultimately judge you to be best suited candidate for the job post.

Though each interview is different there yet are certain questions that many interviewers commonly ask, and it’s good to have some answers prepared so, you don’t look unprepared or unexpected. There are certain general questions which are relevant to any of the interview.

Drafting and scripting of short, crisp, absolute and inspiring answers will always impress the interviewers “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” – Anthony J. Robbins

Let me strike a chord on your knowledge as stated earlier too managers usally sets up various stages of interviews. That may include to be with the HR manager; with the supervisor/manager; with the functional head; and finally with the senior management including the CEO/owner.

Interviews with the HR Manager

The HR manager will typically be the first contact with the applicants. The purpose of HR manager is to clarify the following points:

  • Facts in the resume
  • Applicants motivation
  • Applicants aspirations
  • Applicants personality traits
  • Applicants strengths and weaknesses

Interviews with the direct Supervisor/Manager

Here the applicants are required to face interviews with the direct supervisor/manger. They are more concerned with the job and those elements that influence it. Their questions would typically determine the following:

  • Applicants technical proficiency
  • Nature and years of experience
  • Applicants performances record
  • Applicants job fit
  • Past jobs achievements
  • Working habits
  • Ability to work with the immediate superior
  • Salesmanship ability

Interviews with the functional head

Applicants facing interviews with direct functional head is more succinct and concise to the performance at the ultimate target work level. Here questions are mainly concern with job accomplishment, which may include:

  • How the applicant fit in the functional team
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Applicant’s leadership style
  • New ideas and experience the applicant bring to the job
  • Applicant’s creativity and innovation
  • Customer orientation

Final interview with senior management

The final interview includes all the top management but definitely with the CEO/Owner, functional Head, and the HR Manager. They are mainly concerned with the following:

  • The culture fit to the organization
  • The real commitment to the new company
  • Future potential
  • Flexibility in job positioning
  • Honesty and sincerity
  • Ability to look at the big picture
  • Image as a representative of the company
  • Whether the organization can fulfill your short-and long-term aspirations
  • Result orientation

The above objectives are in broad term. It may differ from organization to organization as per their needs and requirements as well as their individual terms and condition. As many as I can recall as per my past experiences the various questions, I tried to assemble out here are recurrently found rose questions which an applicant may frequently come across during the course of interview, according arranged typically and separately for different interviewing manager panels.

Before leading to FAQs of different categories I would like to share my own personal feeling for every human’s own self determinations, your values don’t decreases just because someone fails to see your worth. So it’s a firm appeal to uphold positive attitude and energy as these are the pillars that will get you to lot further. Always choose to dwell on the things that are going well. Don’t lose a diamond while chasing glitter. The brightest opportunities of your life sometimes pass away while you are chasing temporary opportunities so just to finish successfully, you have to get started, and there is no better time like the present.

Success is getting what you want; Happiness is wanting what you get.

                               -Ingrid Bergman.

Below are links provided for you with FAQs related to all section of interviews from HR to senior management with relevant suggestions to help you answer and understand the inner thought of the questions prearranged for you to answer. I hope some these handy clues and hints will bestow you success in the forward coming interviews wish you success!!

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