Handy clues n hints for Telephonic Interviews

Now-a- days telephonic interviews are becoming popular trend in job market. Companies use telephonic interviews to draw up their shortlist, so it is worth giving same though to how you cope with this technique. The real issue is how relevant you can make yourself to your interviewer at the personal level.  It is considered to be a preferred way of getting number of application down to only a handful for the face to face interviews. The most important aspect of telephonic interviews is to make yourself imagine you are sitting in front of the interviewers and, get dressed, behave, speak and use facial expression exactly in same manner as you would do during the face to face interviews as because your attitude and frame of mind are always reflected in your voice so, don’t forget to smile and be positive. Remember one thing your behavior should convey that you are a likeable person and beam just as you would in a face to face interview situation. Here are my basic valuable pieces of advice for phone interviews

  • Preparation Aspects
  • Execution Aspects During the call
  • Closure Aspects

Preparations Aspects

  • Make sure you have a copy of your resume ready, a pad and some paper to note. Keep your phone charger handy too.
  • Do good quality research on the business and its people before going for interview. You may further look on to their websites.
  • Arrange for the suitable time. Usually a time will be pre arranged, but if it is not make sure request one. This will not only communicate that you are busy, it will also give the space you need to prepare for every aspect eventuality.
  • Make sure you have a quiet, isolated space for the duration of the call .try to remove or stay away from possible interruptions.
  • It is important to test your signal reception in advance if you are planning to use a mobile phone. Make a few test calls with friends to make sure you can receive calls and hear each other clearly.
  • As on mobile phone subject, check your outgoing voice mail message .Make sure it says the right thing about you.
  • Take notes of the questions that they may ask so that you can refer to it in case you forget.
  • Rehearse some interview questions and answers by yourself or ideally with someone you trust.
  • Get some feedback on your answers, as do they sound as good to others as they do to you.
  • Keep any answers you have prepared for them, don’t look about for them at that very moment
  • Execution Aspect during the call
  • Have a glass of water handy. You may be nervous and can go dry.
  • Have your resume in front of you during tele-interviews, interviewers tend to ask general question about your career history overall.
  • Adopt a power stance. Your posture is directly linked to your thinking. If you are sitting or slouching as if you’re watching TV, your brain will start to relax .You ‘ii find difficult to think on what you want to say and recall all those great answer you’ve been rehearsing.
  • Listen carefully and don’t interrupt.
  • Speak clearly! Just focus on speaking to the interviewer.
  • Very obviou, but very important try to speak at the same pace your interviewer speak at. We tend to speak at the same rate we understand things, a fast talker will find him selves frustrated with a slow talk and a slow talker will find it hard to keep up with a faster talker. This also helps with rapport, so practice this with people you meet until you get used to it.
  • Take your time to speak up! Its okay to pause and ask for a moment to think about the question. Expect silence –you’re obviously going to experience them in this kind of phone conversation.
  • Give your answer as completely as you would in face to face interviewer. Don’t feel that you need to hurry or give short answer just because it’s a phone interview. This is your time to secure for face to face interviews
  • Encourage natural assertiveness and confidence. Remember it’s a two way discussion and it is much for you to speak and perform.
  • Have a note pad near you. Make a note of any question or points you would like to cover or return on later.
  • Throughout the call be enthusiastic and smiley! Smiling and being eager will not only affect tone of your voice, but it will affect your thinking too .It will help to prevent you from feeling flustered or overwhelmed.
  • Closure Aspects
  • At the end of the interview you must be inquisitive enough to ask about the next step follow-up procedure or information on further stages.
  • On saying so you are presenting a positive attitude that your interview has gone in right direction and you are looking forward to what lies ahead.
  • Show you are grateful for the fact that your interview took, time they gave you to speak and that you got a chance to talk about your skills and qualifications.
  • If you feel you didn’t answer one or two of the question well or that you failed to get across, quickly follow up with a email with thanks to the interviewers for their time and restate why you think you are the right person for the job. Besides not everyone does this, so you will make yourself stand out as a person who is truly passionate about the position.

Make as easy on yourself as possible .Obviously, job interviews are stressful, so don’t make things any harder than they should be. It’s not an interrogation –although it can feel like that. Lastly let me remind you that if you want to succeed at your interview you must be confident and be prepared.

Preparation and rehearsal are the two best ways to power up any potential nerves. Every interview is a learning experiences and each one teaches you a little bit more about what to say and do and what to avoid. Also remember even then if you are unsuccessful then don’t be too dismayed rather feel and be positive – as there is always next chance and next  time to show your improved and better performances. Do not put off! If you believe you have the right experience and qualification, keep applying but be sure you are applying for true match of your skill and ability or else you won’t be successful .At the same time make important movement in area such as content of your answer, being concise and looking smart, appearing behavior. So get going! All the best!

Valuable phone interview clue and hint

                In a phone interview, where the interviewers can’t see you, your voice tone and quality become all the more important .So it is essential to make a healthy workout on your voice. To improve the quality of your voice massively, breathe from your diaphragm. When you’re nervous, your heart rate increase .you become more aware of it and feel it your chest. If you’re breathing from here as you talk you’ll feel your voice falter. But if you’re pushing air from your diaphragm and through your chest as you talk, the effect on your voice is eliminated.

There is always a way to do it     better…………….find it!

                                                                                                Thomas Edison


Avoid interviews obstacles

All this time you were reading about what all can be done to win a prospective job interview very at the same time I would like to articulate some of the essential obstacles which unknowingly or accidentally  hindrance our victory in the interview. Here are some of the things you should avoid during interviews:-

  • Do not bring your personal information and personal views unless you are asked to.
  • Don’t let your mind wander during running course of interview.
  • Never be afraid to sell yourself.
  • Do not bring up your weakness unless you are asked.
  • Try to avoid answering just with yes or no. put up effort to expand your answer with appropriate words.
  • Avoid interruption in between when the interviewer is speaking his or her side.
  • Avoid being restless and fidget.
  • Avoid fore talk as you being candidate ,it annoys the interviewers
  • Don’t get on the wrong side of the interview by asking irrelevant question, ideal conversations or small talk and definitely do not compliment for the heck of it.


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